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Balloopo Head Writer job now completed

Writing is now finished on Balloopo (Series One)!† It is a marvelous thing when one of your development babies grows up and takes to the airwaves.

It was an honor indeed working on this show, and a bit of a trip knowing there was a team of 100 people in Korea depending on my script Polishes before they could get cracking.

That was 52 stories all coming from my tiny little brain!†† How was THAT even possible?† Then, managing the international team of Korean and Italian writers was the next challenge.† The good news is we got there, and we are proud as can be of the results.†† Balloopo is a preschool CGI show about a an inflatable world filled with inflatable loonies.† And you know what they say about inflatable friends :† they never let you down!††

Already a big hit in South Korea where it screens on state broadcaster EBS, the English-language versions are now doing the rounds and getting snapped up for International Broadcast.† So it will soon be showing on a channel near you. See my CV page to see more.†



A few words about Paul

After all these years writing kidsí TV, itís still a pleasure when clients come back and say theyíve liked my work.† Here are some reviews from clients.†

Two reviews for writing eight episodes of Disney Juniorís Jungle Junction


Paul brings fresh energy and ideas to every script he writes.   If you're looking for a writer who is just going to recycle old stories from other television shows -- Paul is not your man.   What he gives you is originality.  From initial pitch to finding a new character's voice.   What's more, he has the patience and stamina to work and rework a story until it's polished to perfection, the listening ability that comes with being a professional, and the critical skills to know when an idea isn't working and how best to fix it.

Holly Huckins, Los Angeles

Story Editor, Jungle Junction,
†††††††††††† Also Rugrats, Recess, Angela Anaconda

Series Creator, Higglytown Heroes


Paul has been one of our best writers on both series (so far) of Jungle Junction.  His episode 'Prickly Pal' was one of his many exceptional scripts, so much so it was submitted and duly got us a nomination for a BAFTA in the pre-school category. That was followed up with another nomination in the Broadcast Awards.  We have no doubt Paul was a major contributing factor in the success of Season One and the subsequent green-lighting of Season Two, on which he has been contributing regular, and as good as ever, scripts.

Morgan Francis & Erica Darby

Series Director & Producer, Jungle Junction

Co-Founders, Spider Eye Animation,

St Just, Cornwall


Review for series bibles, scripts and development work on two new series: Balloopo (Preschool) and Paulís own creation, Jim & Germ† (Ages 6-11)†


Paul is a talented and accomplished project developer and scriptwriter with a sharp mind.  In development, he is able to come up with original concepts under pressure and describe them extremely well.  He brings a passion and flair to everything he does.  The two series bibles he did with us have proved to be on-target, lively and highly effective.   As a scriptwriter, his unique sense of humour resonates with young and old and makes his scripts really stand out. His fantasy ignites stories that are appropriate for all age groups without becoming boring or predictable. This holds particularly true in the preschool market where the same themes occur over and over again.  Paul understands the balance of being distinct without losing the target group.  Most importantly, he is a pleasure to work with.  He is willing to listen to feedback and knows how to implement notes without compromising originality.

Erica Reijmerink, Creative Director

KidsPlant B.V., France/The Netherlands

Co-production partners with Paul on Jim & Germ


All right, enough already.† Iím blushing!


Paul Dawson


(+44) 020 76391187



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Paul Dawson grew up in Eureka, California, a small town about a dayís drive north of San Francisco.† After graduating from UC Berkeley, he went to Japan to teach English for two years.† There he took up with a fellow-foreigner from England whom he later married.† He now works as a writer in childrenís TV and animation for companies and broadcasters all over the world.† He has created and helped to develop several successful TV series, and his work is broadcast on major networks everywhere. Heís also written two books and done lots of work in audio, music and for the web.

He lives in London with his wife, three kids, two cats, and a three-legged cocker spaniel .† He likes to cook and travel and go out on the town in London.