TV Scripts and Development Work


2012-2014  Balloopo.  For POV Animation (South Korea) & KidsPlant (Netherlands)  52 x 11min CGI about an inflatable world filled with inflatable loonies.  Preschool.


Head Writer. I wrote all 52 stories to approved outline stage, then managed our team of writers from Korea (copro requirement) through two drafts, then took scripts back for Polish.  I also handled 13 scripts myself.  The show airs on Korean state broadcaster EBS and frequently achieves No.1 ratings in its time-slot.  Now in International Distribution. 


Development.  Back in 2012 I wrote the series bible and two sample scripts.  Contributed several new characters and defined the Balloopo universe and set out series storytelling style. 



Scripts for Henry Hugglemonster. for Disney Junior.  Preschool.  Wrote scripts and outlines for others on team.  Preproduction work included all of the “Storymatic” scripts used in focus group testing.  


Scripts for Jungle Junction.  Preschool CGI for Spider-Eye Animation (Cornwall) and Playhouse Disney (London and Burbank).  Season Two.  (I was the only S1 writer asked back for Season 2.)  I wrote the BAFTA nominated episode. 



Development on  Jim and Germ, my original series idea. An odd couple saga about two microbe kids having fun and adventures inside the Human Body.   Lots of laughs.  Lots of yucky stuff.  Character designs by Hook-Up Animation, Argentina. 


Development on a new animation series about Climate Change for a UK Government Agency (identity still a secret, sorry). I did an extensive collaboration with this client who had never done kids TV before, taking them up the learning curve as gently as possible.  I wrote sample scripts, the series bible, and helped extensively with their animation company with the making of the Pilot First Episode.  


Development on  Forester 5 for Toffee Rivers Entertainment. First development script and polished an existing bible on a tween CGI project in the comedy/adventure genre. 


Development and pilot script on Danger Dog for Spider-Eye Animation (producers of Jungle Junction for Disney).  Raucous tween comedy about a dysfunctional troupe of semiprofessional daredevils.


Development work for Planet Nemo Animation, Paris.  I did creative development and wrote bibles for two series: a live action comedy series for ages 7-12 and an animated sitcom for 6-10s. 


Scripts for 3rd and Bird.  2D preschool for Little Airplane Productions (NY) and CBeebies.


Development for TV Loonland, Paris.  Development materials and first scripts for a RUDE animated comedy series for Ages 18+


Script for Spirit of the Forest  (FEATURE FILM) Script Rewrite from Spanish translation, for Dygra Films, Spain.  CGI.  Written to match mouth synch already animated for Spanish.  Voice cast included Angelica Huston.


Development and Scripts for Pucca for Jetix/Disney XD.   2D Flash Comedy series, based on an established Korean character.  I led the development and adaptation from Merchandise Property to TV storytelling;  I managed the commissioning process with the studio (Studio B/DHX Media) and controlled the approval process.  I also wrote storylines and scripts.  I commissioned theme song, and wrote the theme song lyrics.


Executive Producer (in-house) for Jetix / Disney XD London.  I handled broadcaster input and approval responsibilities over all commissioned coproductions.  All aspects including Script, Animation, Music.  Major project was Pucca (see above). Other series with creative approval tasks :   A.T.O.M. Alpha Teens on Machines (produced by SIP, Paris with Hasbro).  Galactik Football (Alphanim). Totally Spies, Team Galaxy, Monster Buster Club (Marathon). Jimmy Two Shoes (Breakthrough, Toronto). Bafta-nominated shorts series The Sensibles. (Marathon).  Combo Ninos (SIP).


Scripts for The Koala Brothers  Famous Flying Films for CBBC/CBeebies. 3D Model Animation.  Preschool.


Development on Goalactika-442  Galleon plc.  Bible and two scripts about an extraterrestrial football (soccer) team and their abducted earthling rookies. Ages 7-12.


Created Say It With Noddy  Chorion.  Devised language-learning interstitials series.  These proved to be the pivotal addition for US sale to PBS.


Development and Scripts on Shuriken School  Xilam Films (Paris) for Jetix Europe.  Pilot Script and Development documents.  Ages 7-11.


Creator & Development on Pip the Pixie for Chorion. Series Bible and First Script based on various Pixie characters from Noddy author Enid Blyton. Ages 3-7.


Scripts for BB3B Series 1.  Tell-Tale Productions for CBBC. Simpsons-inspired cartoon comedy for Ages 7-12.


Scripts for Little Robots. Lego Media & Create for CBBC/Cartoon Network US. I developed and wrote a series of 40 x 2 minute educational pop-videos. This led directly to their securing a US broadcast sale to PBS.  Model animation by Cosgrove Hall.  Preschool


Scripts for  Sooty Series 51.  HiT Entertainment.  Custard pies and squeaks galore! Puppets and people comedy for Ages 6-8.


Scripts for Thomas The Tank Engine HiT Entertainment Real time animation featuring new digger and dumper characters (Jack and the Pack) Preschool.


Producer on Learn English With Noddy  for Chorion.  Script Editor/Producer of a box-set of English as a Second Language video and Book series.  Adapted existing TV episodes for purpose of education.  Included new animated sequences from studio The Hive, London.


Scripts for The Way Things Work. 2D (cel) animation for Millimages UK / Dorling Kindersley (DK) / Skryptonite. Science and technology learning for 7-12 y.olds wrapped up in comic stories. Based on the book by David Macaulay. Ages 7-12


Scripts for  Disney's English Adventure.  English as a Foreign Language (EFL) classroom-based video series for Pearson Longman/The Walt Disney Co.  Ages 6 – 11. Educational


Scripts for The Hoobs. Puppet programmes for The Jim Henson Company still running on Channel 4. Children's BAFTA winner, 2001.


Scripts for Yoho Ahoy! Model animation.  Produced by Hill Roberts Films for the BBC.  Winner, Best Children's Series, Banff International Film & Television Festival, 2001


Created and wrote Phonics Funhouse.  Live action "learn to read" phonics series.  Video sell-through.  For Dorling Kindersley  Devised, wrote.  Educational.


Scripts for  Amazing Animals, Series 2 & 3. Emmy-nominated.  CGI animation plus 2D and wildlife inserts.  Appears on Disney Channel US & UK + c. 50 other territories.   I was the only writer on series 2 and 3, writing both animation and natural history VO sections. 


Created and wrote P.B. Bear and Friends for Dorling Kindersley (DK).  Model Animation. Award Winner at The World Celebration of Animation, USA.  Sold to over 40 countries worldwide incl. Nickelodeon & Ch5 Milkshake. 


Created/Exec Produced Baby Animals.  Live action animals.  Preschool.

Appears on Nickelodeon & Ch5-UK. 


Created/Exec Produced/Wrote The Fantastic Rainy Day Video.  1 x 50 minutes.  Live action 'How-To' crafts programme with model animation links. 


Created/Exec Produced/Wrote  Play and Discover with Digger & Splat.  10 x 30 mins.  Puppets.  First concepts, songs and fun. 




Audio Production

As a partner in ID-AUDIO, I write and produce talking books and children's song tapes.  I also produce the sound elements on animation and multimedia projects.

- I wrote and produced a 60 part series of Winnie the Pooh audio tapes for Disney which feature original songs, stories and interactive elements.

- I produce an ongoing series of Disney EFL tapes for mass-market publishing

- I produce cover-to-cover audiobooks for adults (ie grown-ups)

- I produced all voice, music and post-production audio for the PB Bear animated TV series (see writer's credit above.)

- I produced all of Dorling Kindersley's children's audiocassette titles, both songs and audiobooks. 



Books Published

Human Body Explorer. Nonfiction, Dorling Kindersley.  Ages 7-11.   Extraordinary Rainforests, Scholastic. Ages 8 - 12.




CD-ROM/Multimedia work includes:  'Brainbuster Quiz' - Dorling Kindersley - Ages 7-11 - 2000  'PC Play and Learn'  preschool 5-disk series.  Knowledge Mission' - edutainment series - launch writer and producer - Ages 7-11.  'PC Friendly' - Consultant and launch writer - Adults - Computer training series.




80's - Wrote stage plays for San Francisco fringe theatres.

Current – involved in community musical theatre projects in London.




Please see me for latest version and updates.  Paul

Paul Dawson grew up in Eureka, California, a small town about a day’s drive north of San Francisco.  After graduating from UC Berkeley, he went to Japan to teach English for two years.  There he took up with a fellow-foreigner from England whom he later married.  (Dill!) He now works as a writer in children’s TV and animation for companies and broadcasters all over the world.  He has created and helped to develop several successful TV series, and his work is broadcast on major networks everywhere. He’s also written two books and done lots of work in audio, music and for the web.

He lives in London with his wife, three kids, two cats, and a three-legged cocker spaniel .  He likes to cook and travel and go out on the town in London.

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